Kansas: Startup-Up and Away!


 In Kansas, aerospace is king. Boeing, Cessna, Learjet, and Spirit AeroSystems have found a comfortable home among the amber waves of grain in Kansas. Big Win Movers have been making more and more trips to the geographical center of the continental United States. Kansas’ appeal stretches far beyond aircraft and dairy farms. Venture capitalists have injected a substantial amount of money into the state. By the looks of it, the growing tech sector is poised to usurp the throne of aerospace supremacy. Now is the time to think out of the box and move your office or warehouse to Kansas before it becomes “trendy.” Let’s look at why it’s time to break out the moving boxes and look inward to Kansas.

Funding is Fundamental

A growing number of venture capitalists are putting their dollars into Kansas based businesses. Startland News reported that $908 million of venture funds were invested in Kansas City alone. This number is up 89.7% from $478 million the year before. The average venture-backed company raised $17.46 million in the past year, up 42.2% from $12.28 million from the year before. Investors from across North America realize that world-class companies are being built in Kansas right now.

Additionally, although areas like San Francisco and New York City still boast an impressive venture capital presence, quality companies no longer need to look to the coasts for money. In fact, your company or startup can drastically reduce the chances of getting “lost in the shuffle.” By moving your office to Kansas, or “Silicon Prairie,” as it is now known, you become a much bigger fish in a much smaller pond. You can stand out among the competition when it comes to wooing a potential investor.

The Arena of  Thinkers

Corporate Mammoths have been calling Kansas home for some time now. Koch Industries, Sprint, and Synergy Group are all leading the way in their various industries through world-class innovators. These companies all add to Kansas’ $173 billion GSP. Besides the obvious capital large corporations propel, Kansas businesses have long steeped themselves in the foundation of education and innovation. Charles Koch established the CATO Institute back in 1974. From the highly touted University of Kansas to more fringe think tanks, Kansas has been leading the charge when it comes to ensuring a robust financial future for the state and the companies who call it home.

Residential home prices are on the rise. If you want to take advantage of all Kansas has to offer you and your business, now is the time to move. Trust none other than Big Win Moving Company to get you there with discretion, security, and peace of mind. Big Win Movers are the top choice for a discerning clientele for everything from coast to coast moves to short term storage solutions. At Big Win Moving Company, your business is our business.



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