Oklahoma: Where New Money Meets Old

Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of generational wealth. As a coast to coast moving company who loves to ask questions, it turns out the Rockerfeller caliber “Okies” prefer it that way. So how is this “flyover state” continuously pushing out a $208 billion GSP? It all starts with oil and energy but ends with one of the best business tax climates in the United States. Whether you operate from a home office or a massive warehouse, Oklahoma is right in the middle of everywhere your business wants to be. Get your movers on standby and pull out your shipping boxes because you have a bright future as an Okie.

A State of  Incentives

Oklahoma has a reputation among entrepreneurs: The Sooner State is friendly, and its blend of economic perks make it a great place to start or re-establish a business. Oklahoma ranked seventh in the nation for business friendliness in a survey of entrepreneurs by the Kauffman Foundation. Oklahoma offers a range of incentives. Incentives for entrepreneurs to operate in Oklahoma include the Small Employer Quality Jobs Program, which is specifically aimed at companies with 90 or fewer employees. Business incubators throughout the state provide forward-thinking entrepreneurs with the resources and services they need to succeed. If you are an established company, Oklahoma will reward your business and improve your company’s bottom line with the ten year cash incentive. This incentive will give your company quarterly cash payments of up to 5% of new payrolls for ten years. In essence, Oklahoma will invest in you to invest in its communities.

From Oil Tycoons  to Cardiologists

Helmerich & Payne and Hobby Lobby are just two of the multi-billion dollar corporations that have firmly established their flagship offices in Oklahoma. One of the main factors surrounding why many corporations choose Oklahoma is surprising. It is tied to real estate. With residential home prices being comparatively affordable, homeownership is achievable for the working class, reducing turnover. A robust and stable workforce paired with a corporate friendly ecosystem, and every business has the recipe for prosperity.

The other factor is innovation. Oklahoma is home to two of the world’s leading medical research facilities, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. Medical research incorporates a variety of verticals, and it is attracting some of the world’s brightest minds to make the long distance move to the sooner state.

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