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Senior Movers Los Angeles

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Senior Movers Los Angeles: Are you searching for a trusted mover? Big Win Moving provides top-tier local and long-distance moves for our seniors near Los Angeles! WIN BIG by saving time and money when our careful, professional and friendly team of movers assist you with your upcoming relocation.

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Senior Movers Los Angeles

Senior Movers

The gentle skills required to aid our seniors when they are planning to move is one of understanding, empathy and professionalism.  Although it can be overwhelming at times, it can also be a celebration of a new beginning! So whether they are moving from one retirement community to another or from their home to an assisted living facility,  Big Win Moving is here to help make this transition a memorable, winning experience.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to senior relocation:


Without a doubt, planning and preparing to move our seniors has become an industry all to itself.  According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), the number of senior moving companies expanded from 48 in to 2003, to more than 800 in the U.S. and abroad.  For this reason, Big Win Moving has dedicated time and resources to help accommodate the needs of our seniors as they move to new locations.  From one-on-one walk-throughs and exact timelines, to eco-friendly e-crates for packing, we strive to make relocations as simple and easy as possible.


Packing for a move can be time-consuming.  Allow Big Win Moving to assist not only with moving but helping to pack those things that are dear to your heart.  We create labeling systems to organize boxes so that they end up in the proper area of the new location.

Moving Day

On the moving day, Big Win Moving will:

  1. Coordinate an exact day and time to begin the move.
  2. Separate any furniture that will need to go to be donated.
  3. Safely load and transport items to the new location.
  4. We will off-load items to its designated area.
  5. Assist with assembling items.

Helpful Senior Moving Tips

  1. Plan Ahead and start early – Allow 2 to 3 months for preparation.
  2. Involve family and friends in the decision making.
  3. Organize – Create checklists to help you keep track of the details of your move.
  4. Take Pictures

Senior Movers Los Angeles


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Senior Movers Los Angeles

Customer Reviews

First Time Move

This was the first time I used professional movers instead of trying to move my items myself and I will never go back to moving myself again. I was moving from a one bedroom apartment to a large house outside the city. Big Win Moving recommended a 2 man team and I'm glad I went with movers. They took about how long I had expected them to take and the hourly rate seemed more than fair. Everything arrived intact and in the same condition as it left! I had quite a few oddly shaped items that couldn't fit in boxes like art and sculptures and they carefully wrapped, packed, and loaded them in the truck with such attention to detail. They asked me exactly where I wanted things and always asked if they had questions. They even gave me the option to have them stick around a little longer after everything was unloaded to help me position my heavy furniture! Such a great company, Big Win Moving is the only way to move!
- Steven H.

Great Movers

I found this company's details online and noted that all the Google reviews spoke very highly of them. So I decided to give them a call, the lady on the phone was very polite and efficient. She gave me an approximate quote within minutes. For some reason, I did not follow up with her for another week. After a week's gap I called up and it was her again. She was quick to remember my name and the discussion we had. I requested them to come down for a check; this happened the very next day and was professionally done. We were provided a detailed explanation of how our stuff would be transported and the packing; that would be done to ensure the articles would be transported ship shape. We fixed the day of transportation for after 5 days, on arrival the employees were dedicated to completing the task. There was not loose or unnecessary chatting among one another while the work was going on. At one time while we were placing the boxes in the truck my neighbor dropped by to see me off, on looking at the boxes neatly pack he said this must be Big Win Moving. To my surprise, he told me that he had previously availed of the services of this company and was very satisfied with their services. This spoke highly of the company's quality in terms of maintaining quality service consistency. I would suggest Big Win Moving strongly and would also like to thank you once again for all your good work. Keep it up...
- Christina R.

Great Job

Nobody ever enjoys moving but these guys at least make it painless so thats worth 5 stars in my book! Great job to the entire team of movers who helped us get moved into our new place in Long Beach!
- Mark E.

Awesome moving experience!

Called this company after searching for quality movers in LA. Big Win did a great job and they are worthy of all of the 5 star praise they receive from everyone. Awesome moving experience!
- Howard B.

Favorite Moving Crew

If you have an upcoming move, I totally recommend these guys! This is my favorite moving crew. We moved back to the Pasadena area to be closer to our family. This was an emotional move for us so we needed solid movers to take over and get the job done. Mike, John and Thomas did a terrific job of working hard and taking care of our family heirlooms. Great job. Thank you.
- Emmitt B.

We had a great experience.

My best friend told me about this company. He did not steer me wrong. We had a great experience. The main thing I noticed is they work at a fast pace. The stairs were a bit of a challenge especially with some of the bigger that we had upstairs. But they handled it like pros. Great job! Thanks!
- Barrett Ellsworth

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Senior Movers Los Angeles

Senior Movers Los Angeles

Senior Movers Los Angeles

Senior Movers Los Angeles

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