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Big Win offers complimentary E-crates on the day of the move to help with speed and efficiency  (upon request).

What are E-Crates?
Our Big Win Moving E-Crates are heavy duty, completely reusable containers designed to make your move as easy as possible.

Save Money When Using E-crates: Cardboard are a tried and true method for moving your belongings during a move.  Though boxes are relatively inexpensive, the costs can add up on the day of the move especially during large moves. Because Big Win Moving uses 100% reusable E-Crates, you save by using a combination of cardboard boxes and E-Crates to not only minimize expense, be also you minimize the time it takes to dispose of used cardboard boxes at the end of your move.

Are E-Crates SAFE?
One of the most common ways items get damaged during moves is when cardboard boxes collapse/ give out/ rip. E-Crates allow you the peace of mind you deserve during your move by providing you with a durable plastic storage solution that will not be damaged, regardless of how much you load into them.

E-Crates Ensure Efficiency. Our E-Crates are larger than moving boxes, meaning you save money on supplies AND it will take our movers less trips to get your boxes loaded into our truck. E-Crates are designed to make moving as easy as possible, and can be stacked to allow for quick transportation on one of our dollies directly to the truck. This allows us to do our job faster which saves you money!

Are E-Crates Safe For the ENVIRONMENT?
E-Crates are a reusable green solution that won’t end up in a landfill or eat up our precious resources.

For more information about our e-crates, or to book a move, call or email or one of our friendly moving coordinators. Our team of professionals are available to assist you 24-hours a day! Call us today!



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