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Green Movers Los Angeles:



Green Movers Los Angeles: Moving with old fashioned cardboard boxes wastes time and money.  In 2014, using more than 360,000 cardboard moving boxes Northern California residents moved more than 20,000 times. Because BIG WIN MOVING uses recyclable e-crate containers  as well as traditional boxes, residents in California can reuse these boxes up to 400 times before they’re recycled.
Environmentally friendly packing material options is a great thing to consider the next time you plan to move.
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Stay Green After Your Move

1. Light Your New Home With  Efficient Lighting
Energy efficient light bulbs may be more expensive to purchase, but they last a lot longer (about ten times longer) than traditional incandescent bulbs and they use about 75% less energy. To top it off, they create less heat, so cooling costs will go down.
2. Recycle
Although your business may recycle, once you move to your new location in Los Angeles, make sure everyone is on board. Add recycling bins throughout the office for plastic, paper, and aluminum. Set old electronic equipment aside for proper recycling and purchase recycled paper products.
3. Recycle More – Recycle your moving boxes
More is being recycled today than just paper. Why not recycle your moving boxes?  Why not look into purchasing recycled toner cartridges or a used printer or computer? If you must buy new, look for printers, computers, and scanners that are Energy Star certified. An Energy Star certified computer, for example, can be 50% more efficient than your standard unit.
4. Turn Off Computers and Lights Nightly
One of the largest users of energy is your computer even when it’s not being used and is just on. A simple thing like remembering to turn off the lights can really save electricity – especially in larger spaces!
5. Get Rid of the Fax Machine Entirely
Use an Internet fax service instead. And when you receive a fax via an online fax service, remember to save the e-mail and the fax on your hard drive. Print it only if absolutely necessary.
6. Use Re-Useables
From impromptu lunch outings and office birthday parties to lunch-break errands and shopping trips, there are loads of opportunities to get stuck with single-use products during your workday. Reduce the number of disposable plates, cups, and silverware you use.