State of Nebraska – Relocating to Nebraska?


Fortune 500’s in the Heartland

Thinking Nebraska isn’t up to the task of being the home of your corporate office? Maybe you should talk to Warren Buffett? I would say he knows a thing or two about it since Nebraska is home to Berkshire Hathaway, the largest residential real estate company in the United States. Still not enough to get you moving? Perhaps a couple of little known startups named Mutual of Omaha and Union Pacific Railroad will be enough to prove that these corn-huskers know a little about Fortune 500 companies.

Brass Tax

With a GDP of $127 billion and a population of less than two million, Nebraska is undoubtedly doing something right. Nebraska boasts some of the best roads in the nation while having zero toll roads and zero excise tax (Were looking at you, New Jersey). While it may not be the least taxed state in the nation, Nebraska is remarkably transparent about its spending. When you are paying fewer taxes than most other states, and you know exactly where your money is going. It is easy to see why Warren Buffett is happy to make his home in Nebraska.

The Middle of (Nowhere )Everywhere

Centrally located, Nebraska is an ideal starting point for any road trips. The Badlands, Denver, Chicago, Kansas City, The Ozarks, are all one day drives. Nebraska boasts a top rated Zoo, a thriving art scene that doesn’t even count the smaller galleries and local pop-up shops. A steadily growing craft brewery scene, and more restaurants than you can eat at in a single year. Nebraska is far more trendy and up and coming than many realize until they visit. With a steady influx of individuals holding graduate degrees to fill seats in some of the worlds largest corporations, Nebraska puts you right in the middle of the global economy.

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